The Joys of Medium Format Film

Phew! Its been a busy couple of months, but last week I managed to post a box of film off to my lab which had been sitting on my desk for longer than I care to share! I have a lovely Mamiya 7 II which I barely get to use, and make bold attempts to take it with me in my spare time. It is a rangefinder camera, which photographs on 6x7cm negatives. It is a lovely piece of metal, one very close to my heart. It reminds of my university days, spending large quantities of time in the dark room to patiently roll the film, tediously develop it and then attempting to keep the anticipation under wrap as I waited for the contact sheet to develop in the fixer! Oh the good old days!! The photographs below are taken in quite a large time span – you can tell by the changes in my daughter!!

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