All my childrens portraits are unique, just as every child has their own personality. I will document your day together, whether it’s out on a walk in Surrey, or at home in your back garden.

As a childrens photographer, in order to get “that smile” or “their look,” you will quite often find me chatting to your child about the fairies lost in my lens, or how I was able to capture the latest superhero in mid jump! I find it is so important to be able to connect with your children, make them laugh, and let them make me laugh too – to get those images that you will have on your wall, year after year.  I love using nature to frame your children, whether they are hiding behind a tree at Leith Hill, balancing on a rock at St. Martha’s, or jumping across a stream in the Tillingbourne.

As a childrens photographer, I find that natural surroundings provide lovely colour and backgrounds to every photograph, and also offer great distractions away from the camera! When I work in studio photography, I quite often will ask your child (and you) to jump up and down together, have a wrestle/cuddle and a quick game of hide behind the camera, just to lighten it all up and get everyone laughing.

As a baby photographer, I am more than happy to come to your home, and photograph you all together in a relaxed setting. The photographs focus on your child and your new family, capturing the time you share together. Please contact me if you would like more information about photographing your child.