Digital Camera Courses

For the digital camera courses, the student will gain a fundamental photography knowledge coupled with the practical skills of digital photography, which will enable them to improve the quality of their digital images.

photography workshop
guildford photography course


July 22nd, 10-12.30pm 2023

September  23rd, 10-12.30pm 2023


Do you have a new camera or would you like a good review on how to use your camera creatively? This workshop is set for beginners who are looking to learn more about photography and their amazing digital camera. After the workshop, you will be confidently shooting on your camera’s various settings and won’t give auto a look in!

On the workshop the participant will learn:

Camera Settings – where they are & how to use them

Focus: How to use the manual focus and focus dots creatively

Aperture: learn how to sharpen and blur the backgrounds

Shutter Speed: Capture movement sharply & learn to pan & blur it

ISO: why it works and how

Motion – good blur and bad blur

JPEG v RAW – file types explained and top tips

White Balance: where it’s located and why to use it

We’ll spend the morning outside photographing together, utilising our new skills and putting compositional ideas into practice together.

The workshop will be outside and the group size is 4-6 participants. The workshop will meet in front of St James Church, The Square, Shere, Guildford GU5 9HG


July 22nd, 1pm-3.30pm

October 14th, 10-12.30pm


Have you taken a digital camera course before and learned about your camera settings? If you’d like your photography to progress to the next level this course is for you.

On the workshop the participant will learn:

Brief overview of camera mechanics, to dust off your f-stops, iso’s and shutter speeds

Manual Exposure

Over and under exposure, when and how to use it

High and low ISO

Motion – intentional camera movement (ICM)

Aperture and Shutter’s in-depth relationship

Natural Light – how to capture it in your landscapes and use it to complement your portraiture

Introduction to Flash photography

We’ll spend the workshop outside shooting together, utilising our new skills and putting compositional ideas into practice together.

The workshop will run outdoors and the group will be 4-6 participants. The workshop will meet in front of St James Church, The Square, Shere, Guildford GU5 9HG

At the end of the workshop, there will be a course booklet for you to keep and review.

I am always happy to field questions afterwards via email, and please feel free to share your new images as well.

Workshops run throughout the year and there will always be a seasonal workshop too!

Seasonal Workshops:

Landscapes & Close ups @ Claremont Landscape Gardens

Saturday May 20th, 10.15-2.15pm, £85

Learn how to capture the vast views and natural details of Claremont Landscape Gardens. Participants will learn how to depth of field & aperture, focus, shutter speed and ISO to create sharp, well composed photographs. We’ll walk the grounds of Claremont, photographing the views of lake, long views through the hedges and close ups of the flowers, leaves and natural details. Lillie will provide graduated neutral density filters for the participants to experiment with for their landscapes and polarisers to play with the reflections on the lake. This workshop is open to beginners and intermediate photographers who are keen to learn more about their cameras and build their photographic portfolios. *Entry is included in the workshop fee, scroll down to book.

The course material is presented in both a written and visual form, I will show you photographs to help you understand the techniques and also show you how to do it directly on your own camera.

A digital camera, preferably a camera with manual settings is preferred. Classes are limited to make sure everyone has a good understanding of their own camera at the end of the session.

These courses are part classroom-based tutorials, practical demonstrations and hands on practice. You will be taken outside into the Surrey hills and on return will review the images.



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  • "You come across so well on the online course. You have a lovely manner which is so easy to connect to. You have the ability to connect to everyone from the real camera buffs and enthusiasts, people who lack confidence like myself to the young people and children. That is a rare skill as so many are either techie and deadly boring " - Lesley
  • “Loved this webinar. Really helpful tips on how to improve my photography skills.”  - Isobel
  • “Thank you for providing your photography course online. You were so positive and encouraging!” –Samantha
  • "We bought our camera when our children were born so we could document their lives – but have only ever used the camera on its automatic setting. The camera course has given me the confidence to explore my camera and experiment with it on different settings. The take home information has also been brilliant to refer back to with lots of short cuts and top tips. I can’t wait to get out and use my camera more."
    C Instone