Scarborough, Whitby and North Yorks’ Holiday

Photography Course in Yorkshire


Looking for a way to boost your photography skills and build an amazing portfolio while exploring a new place and making new photographer friends? Book a photography holiday in Yorkshire with us and learn photography in action while meeting like-minded people and enjoying some of the best food, drink, and fun in the region!

Practise your photography skills, let your creativity run wild, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the North Sea coast and its surrounding moors during this incomparable photography holiday in Yorkshire.

Get ready to experience ancient worlds, from Whitby to Robin Hood’s Bay, complete with Gothic abbey ruins, winding cobblestone streets, and a dramatic seascape. Enjoy a chance of pace and scenery as you walk through the Victorian-esque resort town of Scarborough, aiming your lens at the contrasting energies of the vibrant promenades and the historic Scarborough Castle.

Our photography tours in Yorkshire are a 3-day immersion into this breathtaking combination of coast and moors. You’ll connect with fellow photographers, share your passion, and learn new techniques while building a portfolio that tells the story of Yorkshire’s wonders.

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The Photography Holiday in Scarborough

Lillie teams up with her close friend Charlie Mitford for photography holidays in Yorkshire and other locations. Charlie is an experienced vacation and event planner with insider knowledge on a vast range of locations, including Yorkshire! 

Spend just a few hours on the rugged, wild coastline and the brooding North York Moors, and you’ll find an abundance of beauty to photograph. The North Yorkshire Coast consists of multiple ancient ports, each with their own character and unforgettable sights. 

From the haunting beauty of the Whitby Abbey ruins, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, to the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, a nod to one of the most prolific explorers and navigators of the past, and even the narrowest alley in the world in Staithes, you won’t be short of fascinating things to turn your lens to on this photography tour.

You’ll also be in the best place for good ol’ fish ‘n chips and other amazing seafood dishes, straight out of the North sea. Lobster and Crab are about as fresh as you can get on the Yorkshire coast, Bridlington being the largest Lobster port in Europe! . Plus, you’ll get the chance to indulge in local cocktail Harrogate Nights, local IPA ale, and of course, try proper Yorkshire pudding in Yorkshire! You’ll also be in the true home of black pudding (yes, Yorkshire, not Lancashire!). 

All in all, our photography holidays in Yorkshire offer everything you need to learn the practical bits and pieces of photography in a stunning historical region. There’s something for everyone to enjoy… And you get to hone your photography skills and make lifelong friends in the process.

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The Photography and Tuition

Lillie has taught photography for more than 10 years, and has partnered with some leading institutions, including the Royal Photographers Society, the Photographers’ Gallery, and the Nikon School. But she always knew that her studies and work experience in photojournalism was meant for more than taking photos in a studio… Which is where she got the idea for photography tours

If you join our photography holiday in Yorkshire, you’ll get first-class tuition in photography theory, as well as practical, action photography sessions. Together, they help to build you into a capable and creative photographer. 

You’ll have four workshops, one each morning, mainly focused on getting to know your own camera’s mechanics and the art of photo composition. The earliest session starts before sunrise, because no photography vacation is complete without a sunrise photoshoot! Every afternoon you’ll explore the local attractions and countryside and get practical experience using those camera settings to snap the best photos you’ve ever taken.

Lillie knows from years of experience that confidence is the key to great photographs. Once you’ve mastered the basics of camera settings and composition, you’ll be ready to grow into a confident, creative photography artist! 

There’s no better way to get good at the basics and start experimenting with the beautiful photos you’re capable of taking than to immerse yourself in spectacular natural surroundings with like-minded people on one of our photography tours

Yorkshire Photography Vacation - Whitby Graveyard
Yorkshire Photography Holiday - Whitby West
Yorkshire Photography Vacation - Scarborough Beach

Photographic Information covered

A quick overview of all the valuable information you’ll learn in Lillie’s teaching sessions and putting into practice on your outings in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. 

1. The Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO. 

Exposure is one of the most important parts of taking excellent photos. Every day, Lillie’s teaching session will focus on a specific photographic subject, teaching you how to change your camera’s settings to get perfectly-exposed pictures every time, anywhere.  

You’ll gain an understanding of how aperture changes your field of focus and how you can use it to capture more or less detail in your landscape photographs. You’ll also understand how shutter speed affects exposure and how to use it to create motion blur or freeze-frame your pictures in the moment, as well as how choosing the right ISO impacts your photos. 

Yorkshire is the perfect place to put your newfound theoretical knowledge to the test. When you’re out and about photographing the amazing natural landscapes and portraits of your new friends, aperture will be the most important setting you use. 

On the busy streets, bustling promenades, and tourist attractions, shutter speed will be your go-to setting to capture the busyness. And when exploring mediaeval monuments and architectural gems that don’t allow flash photography, ISO will be invaluable.

2. Camera Functions and How to Use Them. 

We know that everyone who books photography tours with us is different, and not everyone has the same kind of camera or knowledge level. This is why Lillie takes time to dive deep into the basic functions of the camera and where to find them on different brands, before teaching you how to pick the best settings for certain types of photos

Here you’ll learn how to control the white balance in different types of artificial lighting, how to lock your focus so you always have the right subject, and how to choose the best settings for black & white photography

By the time your photography holiday in Yorkshire comes to an end, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of how your camera functions and be able to confidently change your settings to create the best photos you’ve ever taken!

3. Composition “Rules” and Ideas.

Every day, we’ll study famous photographers’ work and use their unique ideas as inspiration for our own images. By examining great photography, you’ll quickly master different composition ideas and how to use them to improve your own photography. 

What makes a photo great is twofold—it’s about our initial response to the physical beauty of the picture, but even more important is the feeling it creates in us. 

You’ll learn how the great photographers used composition as a tool to bring life to their photos and fill them with emotion and meaning. Then, you’ll go out there and recreate those same ideas, starting your own collection of amazing photographs. 

4. Light: Where to Find It and How to Create It. 

Light might be something you can’t control, but you do have some elements of control over how it comes through the camera. Once you learn the relationship between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, it becomes easier to use light to create art

Lillie will walk you through using direct light, indirect light, and shade to create specific moods in your photos. She’ll also share some pro tips on how to find the right lighting while out and about on location, so you’ll never be stuck. 

She’ll also go into detail about flash photography, and you’ll get plenty of chances to practise taking photos in both natural and artificial light. 

5. Personalised Approach to Improving Your Photography Skills. 

While you’re exploring each location during your afternoon sessions and creating art with your camera, Lillie will guide you in developing more advanced photo-taking skills. With her hands-on tuition, you’ll be able to see exactly how she approaches photography on scene, and put her methods and ideas to use in your own photography. 

Lillie understands that every photographer sees things through the lens differently. Photography tours like these are not meant to make you a photography clone of the teacher—they’re a free, open space for you to let your own unique creativity flourish! 

Lillie will help every student to discover their own personal photography style and cultivate it during the action-packed afternoon photography sessions. 



  • "Just to say thanks for organising a very good photography (and social) weekend"
  • "I couldn’t leave it without saying a huge thank you to you and Charlie for a really informative, enjoyable and relaxing course. It certainly gave me lots to think about. We had great company, delicious food and probably more information than my brain could consume!"
  • "The organisation was fantastic, the locations were superb and your photography tuition excellent. However, I know that I still have a long way to go before I see the compositional opportunities that you spot in a split second!"
  • "Thank you again for putting together such a fun packed and informative 5 days. I'll get back to sorting my shots out - there seem to be a huge number!"
  • "Firstly thank you again for the wonderful weekend and the enormous amount of thought and work that you put into it."
  • "I love the local food/drink/history aspects of the trips you organise and the wonderful access that Charlie manages to get us to places that are not normally open to the public."
  • "I loved the holiday Lillie & Charlie put so much into making the magic happen, I’m sure there is loads of stuff that happens in the back ground with arrangements, not just in the weekend but the time spent pulling everything together, that make the time we are away great. You can take as much or as little from the on hand tuition as Lillie is always helpful.
  • "I really appreciate the time and effort you put into organizing the photography trips. Having access to unusual and often private, non-tourist photographic locations has proved to be an memorable part of the holidays which make the experience all the more enjoyable. Many thanks!"
  • "I had a great time and loved being there with Lillie and Charlie."
  • Nothing is too much trouble for either Lillie & Charlie. The help not just with what on the itinerary but also with our needs and they have a great understanding of our various personalities and treat us as individuals. Thank you, looking forward to the next trip."

Why choose us for your Photography Tours??

The two ladies behind these photography tours have all the experience necessary to plan and execute a one-of-a-kind photography holiday in Yorkshire and other locations in the UK. 

Lillie has more than 10 years of experience photographing in professional settings and teaching others to get to know their cameras and take better photos. She earned a B.A. Hons in photojournalism in New York, and has extensive knowledge and many years of practical experience in the studio as well as in the field. Lillie has a talent for bringing out the hidden artist that lives in every student and inspiring creativity they never knew they had! 

Charlie lives in Wiltshire, and has an enviable nationwide network of local restaurateurs, hoteliers, politicians, aristocrats, and other important locals! This makes her the perfect person to find all the hidden gems and off-the-path experiences. Even the locals are surprised at the  intimate access granted to Charlie’s photography tour guests! 

Lillie and Charlie’s passions and skills fit together perfectly… Which is why they’re able to arrange and host some of the best photography tours the UK has ever seen!

“The evenings spent dining and enjoying fine local wine and the days exploring new locations for photography are as much fun for us as they are for our guests!”Lillie and Charlie


SCARBOROUGH – and the experience of a lifetime with LILLIAN SPIBEY PHOTOGRAPHY – is waiting! Cameras ready!

Photography Holiday UK Accommodation

You’ll be spending your nights in the heart of Scarborough, at a contemporary seaside hotel: the Bike and Boot.  This 4 star hotel overlooks the South Bay, and the promenade, art gallery, theatre, and beach are all within 5-10 minute’s walk. Plenty of exciting things to photograph!

Its classic white-washed exterior gives off an old-school feeling, but step indoors and you’ll enjoy a youthful, vibrant, and eclectic atmosphere. The rooms are contemporary in design and offer free wi-fi and coffee machines, perfect to fuel yourself for a busy day of photography.

In the mornings, enjoy a tasty, contemporary breakfast, choose from –Hot pancakes with crispy bacon & maple syrup, hot boiled eggs, hot porridge, pastrami & cheese croissants, cheese & tomato croissants, unlimited hot drinks – including cappuccinos & lattes, preserves, fruit juices, yoghurt, fruit compote, granola and cereals. waffles, a buttery crumpet, or a continental breakfast before heading out.


*Pickup and drop off from Scarborough Train Station (Scarborough is 1 change at York from London Kings Cross).

*All scheduled journeys throughout the stay (photography excursions and other trips)
*3 nights room occupancy with private bathroom at the Bike and Boot hotel in Scarborough (doubles or twins available).
*All high quality hot & cold breakfasts breakfasts including fresh morning coffee at the hotel.
*3 evening dinners + wine.
*3 lunches + wine (including 2 packed lunches).

*All incusive events, such as brewery tour, other tours, etc

*All photography tuition (including morning workshops, other tuitorials, tuition when on excursion)
*A professional guided historic tour of Scarborough town centre and museum.


This holiday is being priced economically, as photography and travellng are passions for Lillie and she sees this as an opportunity to to teach in beautiful regions.
The 3 day vacation will be priced at £1,300 based on 1 person in a double room (not sharing) inclusive of workshops, meals and tours. Flights or travel to & from Scarborough not included.
2 people sharing a double room and both attending the photography courses will be £1,100 per person.

Other configurations include sharing without attending the photography course and family accommodation. These can be priced on request.


From the UK:

Multiple airlines fly from through out the UK to Leeds, Humberside and Manchester Airports. Rail or carhire can be used for the onward journey to Scarborough

From the US:

There are direct flights from a number of US cities to Manchester daily. Most US cities fly direct to London.  Rail or carhire can be used for the onward journey to Scarborough


You may want to extend your stay in Scarborough, Whitby or the Moors. We completely understand if you’d like to take more time to relax in such a divine location or explore the surrounding towns. If you’re travelling from the US then a longer vacation could well be in order! Perhaps you’d like to tour the wonderful coastline, visit York, Leeds or the Yorkshire Dales.  We can help you book accommodation, organise your itinerary and offer some helpful insights on where and what to see. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help


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