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Photography Courses

As an experienced professional photographer with a B.A. in photojournalism, I really enjoy helping others learn the art from my photography courses.

I immensely enjoy teaching all aspects of photography and have previously taught in Italy and the US. I now run my photography courses here in Surrey and teach in a number of prominent Surrey schools.

The Surrey hills are the perfect setting for students to practice their new photography skills. I offer several photography courses to help you better your camera knowledge and expand your photography skills.

I teach courses for both adults and children, and I’m also available, when the schedule permits, for private tutoring.

My tutoring will include:

An introduction to the mechanics and functions of the digital SLR camera, including, body, lenses, and flash systems

An introduction to the basic science and nature of photography and how this relates to creative use of the DSLR system

Plenty of HANDS-ON practice of all the major creative techniques
covered in the course.

Learning about basic composition skills

Learning how to control and combine these different functions creatively

Learning how to recognise and critically analyse great photographs



"Thank you very much for your time and patience with us on the day. I know we jumped round all over the place and we were asking the impossible but your tips really did help."

H. Reynolds
Cycling Weekly
"It was such fun to meet you and have my lesson today. I loved the no-nonsense and ‘let’s make it easy’ approach. So many professional photographers almost seem to rejoice in mystifying their art and while I’m sure there are loads of things that are very much beyond a jobbing photographer like me, it was just great to have so many of the basic things explained in clear terms and with patience and lots of memory aids. Just to sort out what buttons do what was fantastic. You are a very good teacher."

A. Phillips
local head teacher
"We bought our camera when our children were born so we could document their lives – but have only ever used the camera on its automatic setting. The camera course has given me the confidence to explore my camera and experiment with it on different settings. The take home information leaflet has also been brilliant to refer back to with lots of short cuts and top tips. I can’t wait to get out and use my camera more. It was a really fun evening, in a totally unthreatening atmosphere and I learnt lots!"

C. Instone
"Photography course with Lillie on Monday night was brilliant. Best start for a beginner with a digital camera. Who’d have thought it’s better on the manual setting!!!?"

J. Pitcher

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