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Photography Course in Wiltshire


Looking for a way to improve your photography and enhance your portfolio without having to spend endless hours being lectured by a bespectacled professor? Book a photography holiday in Wiltshire with us and learn on the go whilst having fun with like-minded good company.

Improve your photography skills, unleash your inner creative side, and marvel at the beauty of the countryside during this one-of-a-kind photography holiday in Wiltshire’s rolling hills.

Immerse yourself in an ancient world, scattered with mediaeval hamlets, stone circles, and magnificent architecture. The rolling chalk hills of Wiltshire are home to the largest number of prehistoric monuments in the country (including Stonehenge!), and with the wide open skies and beautiful light, it’s easy to see why this is a wonderful spot to hone your photography skills. 

Spend a lovely 3 days exploring the countryside, soaking up the atmosphere of the ancient landscape and treading in the footsteps of Thomas Hardy’s characters in old Wessex. Take in the countryside, indulge in local treats, and connect with other photographers while building an impressive photo portfolio!

Wiltshire Photography Vacation - Lunch in the Temple

The Photography Holiday in Wiltshire

Lillie partners with her good friend Charlie Mitford for photography holidays UK and Italy. Charlie is an accomplished event and vacation planner with insider knowledge on hundreds of locations, including Wiltshire! 

Cranborne Chase is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a chalk plateau that used to be a mediaeval hunting forest. It’s dotted with Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, as well as diverse wildlife that you might just be able to catch on camera! 

Wiltshire consists of multiple small towns and villages, each with their own charm. From the historic market town of Warminster to Lacock, famous for its appearance in Downton Abbey and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, to Shaftesbury, the backdrop to the famous Ridley Scott Hovis advert, you won’t be short of amazing locations on this photography holiday in Wiltshire

And then there’s the unique local food and drink. Wiltshire is a cider, wine, and ale county, so you can enjoy a cold one of your choice after a long day of wielding your camera. Grab a slice of local lardy cake if you’ve got a sweet tooth, or sample the famous Wiltshire ham & loaf cheese for a spot of lunch.

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The Photography and Tuition

Lillie has taught photography for the past 10 years holding many courses for leading institutions such as the Photographers Gallery, The Nikon School and for her own photography tuition business. In addition her degree in Photojournalism combined with her experience as a professional photographer make her the perfect tutor for our Photography holidays in Italy.

Lillie will hold four daily morning workshops that will focus primarily on composition and camera mechanics. The rest of the day will be spent practically photographing the wonderful landscapes and scenes.

One morning will be an early start to capture the sunrise and serene early light. The local weather will be monitored and a decision on which morning will be made once the holiday is in progress.

Confidence is key and Lillie firmly believes that this will bloom once practical composition and camera mechanics are firmly grasped. There’s no better way to do this than immersion in beautiful surroundings with like-minded people on a relaxed, fun holiday.

Wiltshire Photography Vacation - Wheat fields

Photographic Information covered

1. The Exposure Triangle: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO. 

Exposure is one of the keys to taking amazing photos. Each day Lillie’s session will cover a different photographic subject, teaching you how to use your camera’s settings to get correctly-exposed pictures every time, and in every situation. 

You’ll understand how aperture affects your field of focus and how much detail you capture in your landscape photographs. You’ll also learn how shutter speed affects your exposure and how to use it to freeze-frame or blur your pictures, and how choosing the right ISO makes a difference to your photos. 

Wiltshire is the perfect place to put all of this theoretical knowledge into practice. When photographing the stunning landscapes and portraits of your newfound friends, aperture will be your go-to setting. 

On the busy streets of market towns and tourist attractions, shutter speed will be your best friend to capture the action. And when visiting mediaeval monuments and architectural marvels that don’t allow for flash photography, ISO will come in handy. 

2. Camera Functions and How to Use Them. 

We understand that everyone who books a photography holiday UK or Europe with us is different, and not everyone has the same camera or level of knowledge. This is why Lillie takes the time to delve into the basic camera functions and where to find them on different cameras, before going into how to choose the right settings for specific types of photos

This section will cover things like learning to control white balance in various types of artificial lighting, how to lock your focus so you always catch the right subject, and the best settings for black and white photography

By the time your photography holiday in Wiltshire comes to an end, you’ll have an excellent understanding of your camera’s functions and be able to confidently use it to set up and create the best photos you’ve ever taken! 

3. Composition “Rules” and Ideas.

Each day, we’ll examine famous photographers’ work and use their ideas as inspiration to go out and capture our own amazing images. By assessing great work, you’ll quickly master different composition rules and how to use them to enhance your own photography. 

Figuring out what makes an image great is twofold—it’s about our initial response to the physical beauty of the picture, but even more so, about the feeling it evokes in us. 

You’ll learn how the greats use composition as a tool to bring their photos to life and imbue them with feeling and meaning. Then, you’ll get the chance to go out there and recreate those ideas, building up a collection of your own amazing photographs. 

4. Light: Where to Find It and How to Create It. 

Light might be natural and out of your hands, but what you CAN control is how it comes through the camera. Once you understand the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, it becomes infinitely easier to use light to your advantage

Lillie will talk you through using shade, direct light, and indirect light to create a specific mood in your photos. She’ll also give you some pro tips on how to find the right light while on location, so you’ll never be at the mercy of your surroundings. 

She’ll also explain flash photography, and you’ll get ample chances to practise taking photos in both natural light and indoor settings. 

5. Personalised Approach to Improving Your Photography Skills. 

Each afternoon, as you’re exploring the location and creating art with your camera, Lillie will guide you in more advanced skills. Her hands-on tuition is invaluable, and you’ll be able to see how she approaches photography on-the-go and put her ideas and methods to use in your own photography. 

Lillie understands that each photographer sees things differently through the lens. Photography holiday UK such as these are not designed to create photography clones of the teacher—they’re a space for you to let your individual creativity blossom! 

With this in mind, Lillie will help each student to find their own personal photography style and work on cultivating it during the afternoon photography sessions.


  • "Just to say thanks for organising a very good photography (and social) weekend"
  • "I couldn’t leave it without saying a huge thank you to you and Charlie for a really informative, enjoyable and relaxing course. It certainly gave me lots to think about. We had great company, delicious food and probably more information than my brain could consume!"
  • "The organisation was fantastic, the locations were superb and your photography tuition excellent. However, I know that I still have a long way to go before I see the compositional opportunities that you spot in a split second!"
  • "Thank you again for putting together such a fun packed and informative 5 days. I'll get back to sorting my shots out - there seem to be a huge number!"
  • "Firstly thank you again for the wonderful weekend and the enormous amount of thought and work that you put into it."
  • "I love the local food/drink/history aspects of the trips you organise and the wonderful access that Charlie manages to get us to places that are not normally open to the public."
  • "I loved the holiday Lillie & Charlie put so much into making the magic happen, I’m sure there is loads of stuff that happens in the back ground with arrangements, not just in the weekend but the time spent pulling everything together, that make the time we are away great. You can take as much or as little from the on hand tuition as Lillie is always helpful.
  • "I really appreciate the time and effort you put into organizing the photography trips. Having access to unusual and often private, non-tourist photographic locations has proved to be an memorable part of the holidays which make the experience all the more enjoyable. Many thanks!"
  • "I had a great time and loved being there with Lillie and Charlie."
  • Nothing is too much trouble for either Lillie & Charlie. The help not just with what on the itinerary but also with our needs and they have a great understanding of our various personalities and treat us as individuals. Thank you, looking forward to the next trip."

Why choose a Lillian Spibey Photography holiday in Wiltshire?

The two ladies behind these tours have all the experience necessary to plan and execute a spectacular photography holiday UK and Europe-wide. 

Lillie has a decade and a half of experience photographing professionally and teaching others how to do the same. With a B.A. Hons in photojournalism gained in New York, she’s got extensive knowledge and practical experience both in-studio and in the field. Lillie has a knack of bringing out the artist in every student and inspiring those inner creatives! 

Charlie lives in the stunning Cranborne Chase, and boasts an enviable network of local hoteliers, restaurateurs, aristocrats, politicians, and other movers and shakers! This makes her the perfect person to find hidden places and off-the-well worn-track experiences.. Even the locals are shocked at the access afforded to Charlie’s photography holiday UK guests! 

Lillie and Charlie’s talents and passions combine perfectly… And that’s why they’re able to organise and run some of the best photography holidays the UK has ever seen! 

“The evenings spent dining and enjoying fine local wine and the days exploring new locations for photography are as much fun for us as they are for our guests!”Lillie and Charlie


WILTSHIRE – and the experience of a lifetime with LILLIAN SPIBEY PHOTOGRAPHY – is waiting! Cameras ready!

The Accommodation

You’ll be spending your nights at one of the oldest inns in the area: the Grosvenor Arms. It’s got all the charm of a historic building—think old Georgian arches and exposed wooden flooring—but with a contemporary refresh that adds a touch of upmarket style.

The rooms are warm, cosy, and contemporary in design, the perfect place to retire for a calm night’s rest before a busy day of photography. In the mornings, fuel yourself for the day with their hearty breakfast, made with fresh ingredients sourced from locally.

The hotel is located in the heart of Shaftesbury, a quaint hilltop settlement at the edge of Cranborne Chase, filled with 18th century buildings and artisan stores worth a browse. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the country you’ll be exploring!

A few yards from the Shaftesbury Abbey Park walk with its wonderful views over Blackmore Vale, Shaftesbury Abbey and and the iconic historic Gold Hill road


Pickup and drop off from Scarborough Train Station (Scarborough is 1 change at York from London Kings Cross).

*All scheduled journeys throughout the stay (photography excursions and other trips)
*2 nights room occupancy with private bathroom at the Grosvenor Arms hotel in Shaftesbury (doubles or twins available).
*All breakfasts including morning coffee at the hotel.
*2 evening dinners + wine.
*2 lunches + wine (including 1 packed lunch).

*All incusive events, such as brewery tour, other tours, etc

*All photography tuition (including morning workshops, other tuitorials, tuition when on excursion)


This holiday is being priced economically, as photography and travellng are passions for Lillie and she sees this as an opportunity to to teach in beautiful regions.
The 3 day vacation will be priced at ……TBC………. based on 1 person in a double room (not sharing) inclusive of workshops, meals and tours. Flights or travel to & from Scarborough not included.
2 people sharing a double room and both attending the photography courses will be ……TBC…….. per person.

Other configurations include sharing without attending the photography course and family accommodation. These can be priced on request.


From the UK:

Ryanair fly from Stansted to Perugia daily in the summer. Multiple airlines including Ryanair and Easyjet fly from different UK airports daily into Pisa and Rome.

From the US:

There are direct flights from most major US cities to Rome daily, onward flight connections can be made to Perugia. Regular trains run from Rome to Cortona. We can provide pickups from Perugia Airport and Cortona/Terontola train stations. Please contact us for any queries.


You may want to extend your stay in Cortona and Tuscany. We completely understand if you’d like to take more time to relax in such a divine location or explore Tuscany and the surrounding towns. If you’re travelling from the US then a longer vacation could well be in order! Perhaps you’d like to tour the wonderful vineyards, visit Florence, Siena or Perugia, or walk the ancient trails to a hill top medieval village.  We can help you book accommodation, organise your itinerary and offer some helpful insights on where and what to see. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help


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Adventures from our Wiltshire 2023 Trip


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