Seb, Katharine, Sienna and Matt


hat a fabulous family to start the year! We began at their home, which was great as the children were able to show me their favourite new toys from Father Christmas. Sienna was a wonderful story teller, she took me through Jack and the Beanstalk and back again, all whilst bouncing on the bed, providing some lovely photographs. Seb’s little laugh was adorable when Katharine was playing with him, and he especially made everyone giggle with his super man poses! After a bit of lunch for the kids and some fun family photographs on the kitchen table, we moved outdoors, to Polesdan Lacy. Sienna showed me her favourite “peek a boo” bushes whilst Seb grinned his million pound smile with his two teeth. I loved it when Matt threw Sienna into the air, her laughter was fantastic, and she was flying! The sun made an appearance, and provided me with beautiful light to highlight this fabulous family.





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