Photography Tips

I hope you all are getting into the festive spirit- and a wonderful way to start this holiday season is your little one’s nativity play. Photographing the kids on the stage can be quite a daunting task even if you haven’t got the front and center seat!! Here are some tips to help you get a sharp, focused photograph of your little one singing their heart out.

1. If you are close enough to the stage for your flash to reach and illuminate your child, use it (simple and to the point – don’t worry about the rest of the instructions!)

2. If not, turn your ISO up to as high as it can go, some cameras will have 3200, some will have high 1/2- use it.

3. Put your camera on the Tv option (semi-manual shutter control), and set it to 200 (1/200th) of a second.  If you are using a zoom lens, you will avoid camera shake, and this will keep your photos crisp.

4. push the shutter button and voila – you have captured your child without flash – in action!

5. If the image is too dark (under exposed) change your shutter speed down to 100 (1/100th) which gives the image more light. If your image is too bright (over exposed) make the shutter faster by making the number larger (250 or 500), this decreases the light coming in through the shutter.  The exposure is dependent on the stage lighting – some will be brighter/darker than others.

6. Feel free to share the image with me, I am love seeing others photographs! Pop them on an email to me: or share them on my Facebook page.

7. Happy Shooting!!

Here is an example of my youngest belting out a holiday favourite:




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