Nikki, Marcus, Lyla and David

childrens photographs

I photographed this fun loving family at the beginning of spring, when all the colours of the foliage and flowers were bright and saturated. Nikki had mentioned she would like to have some family photographs in the bluebells, so the shoot was well timed as the flowers had just bloomed, full of vibrant purple colour. When I went scouting for the shoot location, as soon as I saw the yellow rapeseed in the background behind the bluebells, I knew it was the right place for the family photo shoot. The children loved the paths in and around the blue bells, Marcus especially enjoyed running fast down the little hills. For the children’s portraits, they both were quite keen to sit amongst the flowers, sniffing the flower’s scent and laughing when the blooms tickled their noses.  Lyla brought a basket for the family photographs on the day, to collect flowers and various rocks and stones her little brother picked up.  Marcus brought his ball, which he loves to play with and carries most places. So I was quite keen to make sure to include it in some shots, as it is important to him. We walked to the top of the Chantries as there was a large log for everyone to sit together, utilising the yellow backdrop and purple foreground. After some photographs, tree climbing and a snack, we began our descent down the hill. I wanted the children to run a bit, allowing them to relax and smile their natural, beautiful smiles. Marcus had to choose between the ball and a snack – and decided to do both and run! This created a great relaxed family portrait – children at ease laughing in the front, Nikki and David right behind enjoying the laughter and light.

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