My brother Freddie

My little brother Freddie is visiting from New York City. He spends the early part of each week with me and my family “in the country”, and then goes into London for the latter part of the week to perform Shakespeare on the tube. Freddie and his partner Paul Marino have been performing Shakespeare on the NYC subway for the past year, and recently decided to bring it over the pond to us. When I went to watch them on Saturday afternoon, I did not know what to expect. From running carriage to carriage (trying to find the “right one” as they said) to assuring many people who got into the carriage that “No, he is not dead, its just Shakespeare,” proved an afternoon to remember. Whilst Paul and Freddie acted each scene out marvellously, my favourite part was watching everyone else’s expressions change from not bothered to totally engrossed, ending with the full carriage clapping when the scene was over. More info can be found here:

They are conquering the Berlin underground this week, wish them luck!!

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  1. that boy is crazy, and you can tell him i said so. great to see the family artists at work in the world! -robbie

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