Meet Kitty!

Kitty is a wonderful, well behaved beauty. She slept throughout the entire shoot and only opened her eyes once for a shot or two (must have been a good dream). Despite the position changes, rowdy cuddles from her lovely sister Ella and the noise of us chatting, Kitty slept on! Earlier this year, I photographed Kate, Alex and Ella on a very cold day in late January. We had a great time, Kate even climbed a gate for me despite being very pregnant! It was lovely to meet Kitty this time round and I enjoyed being able to photograph all four of them together enjoying the moment.

One thought on “Meet Kitty!

  1. Kate Micallef

    Lillie, I can’t stop looking at these! Alex and I both absolutely love them and even agree on a good percentage of our favourites (believe me this is a rare ocurrence)! Looking at the photos again at 4.20am is certainly making the night feed more enjoyable!! Xx

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