Guildford Family Photographer- Emma and Toby

children's photographs

Emma and Toby’s shoot last fall was lovely. Emma’s wonderful colour choices for their clothes, the fall colours in the background and their smiles all made their family photographs shine. The shoot took place in Shere, and it was great fun to capture them playing in the fields, tossing rocks into the Tillingbourne, and having a quiet moment gazing over St. James Church. Toby loved running along the path in the field and created some great action shots too. He picked some bright yellow flowers for Emma, and it was quite sweet as they both tucked them into their back pockets, see if you can spot the colours in the shots. Whilst on the bridge overlooking the Tillingbourne river, I asked Toby to find as many coloured leaves as possible and to hide behind them as I took photographs. His laughter behind the leaves was gorgeous! It’s all about photographing my subject’s real smile, whether they have to hide behind leaves, jump up and down as fast as they can or play a game of hide and seek – the smile is there, they just to have some fun.

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