Gina, Annabel and Johnny


I spent a lovely morning with these three fun and energetic children. We played on the slide, played peek-a-boo in the wendy house, swung on the rope swing and even ran around in the greenhouse! Gina and Annabel made a lovely fairy mixture of flower petals, and I enjoyed photographing the concentration on their faces as they worked. I loved photographing Johnny in action, whether he was swinging on the rope swing or sliding down the slide. I enjoyed capturing a cute, mischievous grin when Johnny was hiding in his mum’s greenhouse, “taking care” of the tomatoes. Annabel and Gina showed me their tree climbing skills, and I made good use of all the tree leaves – allowing them to naturally frame the girls. At the end we did a final run across the lawn, and I love all three children’s look of complete enjoyment as they ran as fast as they could.

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