Fun in the Bluebells


The rain caught us during our first shoot in the forest of bluebells, but Sophia and Sebastian were more than happy to return the following week for more fun. They climbed trees together, and enjoyed sitting at the top watching us, watching them. Sebastian was very good at launching himself out of the tree and into his father’s arms, producing loads of laughter, which was great to photograph. When we got to the blissful bluebells, the children wandered through as Sophia recited all the friends she wanted to pick flowers for, which was sweet. I love photographing in diffused light (under trees) as there are so many different textures of light that the leaves give my subjects. Dappled light, lovely halos at the back of the head, and beams of brightness that filter through into the backdrop. It adds even more depth to the photograph, which makes it all the more richer. It was a fun afternoon filled with amazing light, and a pair of wonderful siblings.

IMG_7948 IMG_7910 IMG_7902 IMG_7943 IMG_7871 IMG_8101 IMG_7974 IMG_8201

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