Family Photographs on the Beach

thomas_20141122_3666 copy I photographed this lovely family together on the beach in late November in Exmouth and we had our shoes off in the sea!!  On the morning of the shoot it was pouring down in Surrey, but Claire assured me there were beautiful blue clear skies on the coast. There was a fantastic weather transformation as we drove down. The sky was blue, the temperature was nice, the wind wasn’t too strong and everyone was smiling! The perfect ingredients for great family photographs. The girls jumped, ran around in the surf, climbed along the rocks and had a good laugh. It was so much fun to capture Claire and Will running around with the kids; the photographs with the children on their backs are some of my favourites.  Sophia found a brilliant shell which she proudly shows off in a photo, and I loved capturing Isabella hiding under the rock! The curvy line of the rock mimics her hiding pose and really reminds me of childhood. I loved splashing around whilst taking the photographs, and the open sea, the slight wind and this gorgeous family’s smiles made the photographs fantastic!

thomas_20141122_3761 copy


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