Family Photographer Surrey

I was so pleased when Lizzie got in touch with me to photograph her family as a surprise for her husband’s birthday. We met at their lovely house, and then went on a walk in the in nearby fields. As a Family Photographer Surrey, the golden fields created a great backdrop and really complemented the family portraits. For the childrens photographs, I asked each child to choose where they would like to be photographed, and it was great to watch them decide. Mimi loved spinning in the field, around and around and around for her children’s portrait. The boys loved running through the grass back and forth with the dog, which allowed me to capture them with relaxed, happy smiles as they sprinted past. It was great going on a walk that the children were familiar with, as they were able to show me their favourite hiding places and the best trees to climb. One of my favourite images from the shoot is of the two boys, splashing about in a stream right at the end of the shoot. I think I even got a bit wet capturing them having fun. It was a lovely morning, and I really enjoyed photographing everyone together.