Faces of Caring Exhibition

family photographer

Earlier in the year Netbuddy charity approached me to photograph a local family who has a daughter with special needs. I was so pleased to be contacted and even more excited to photograph the family together having fun. Netbuddy wanted the images to feature in a show representing and celebrating all the families and carers for children with special needs. The images were shown all together in a photography exhibition in London last Friday, in a gallery where the “Dragons Den” t.v. programme is filmed. I loved seeing all the images from around the U.K., from an artistic and personal point of view. It was lovely to see such happy faces, loving one another’s company, and I really enjoyed seeing how each different photographer executed the brief – giving each family their own personality, their own voice.

To see the collection of the photographs from the show: https://www.netbuddy.org.uk/netbuddy-mailings/faces-caring/

Images from the family shoot that I photographed:

professional photographer Dufty_20130803_4146 portrait photographer Dufty_20130803_4262 family photographer child portrait photographer childrens photographer



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