Ella, Marie and Nick

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I had such a lovely time photographing this fantastic family in Reigate. We started off at their home, where Ella showed me her favourite toys and even made me a cup of tea! I photographed Ella building a tower with her blocks and then knocking it over with a big “uh oh,” and a lovely smile to go with it. Photographing my clients together, relaxed and having fun is one my favourite parts of the job, and I was so excited to photograph these three building blocks and making tea together. Marie had Ella flying around the room, which was great to capture their grins and laughter.  After a dozen or so cups of tea from Ella’s wonderful singing tea pot, we were off to Priory Park to feed the ducks and have a run in the sun. It was the first lovely spring day, and it was great to have the sun out. I photographed the family feeding the ducks together, as the pond and hanging branches gave a lovely backdrop to their family portrait. Ella loved running in the grass, especially in the direction towards the pond, and away from us! Her grin as she embarked was contagious, as she was determined to run and have fun!

childrens portraits

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