Childrens Photography Courses

photography courses for kids

I spent Tuesday afternoon teaching this wonderful bunch of avid photographers a photography course for kids in cobham. We focused on composition and really thinking about how each image should be taken. Digital cameras are such a blessing as they allow the kids to experiment and take as many photos as they like. But often the 100 shots of the daffodil are just as good as the single image in which they waited for the bee to land right smack in the middle of the flower. Not the photo with the bee on the right side of the frame, or a bit too far to the left unfocused, but BAM right in the middle and sharply focused. It’s amazing how much more they appreciate the shot too, as they really had to work for it! At the beginning of the childrens photography course, they looked at famous work from the past 100 years before they went out, so they could see how the masters waited for many of their shots, thinking about every piece of information they included, or chose not to include in the frame. I love how quickly the kids took to the material, I could see the creative sparks flying in their eyes, their fingers ready to start snapping! The weather was good for the majority of the course, but I had to capture those clouds and of course, my amazing students.