Childrens Photography Courses

surrey photography workshops

I teach photography clubs at several schools around surrey every week. Each week I create a theme for the kids, and it is absolutely wonderful to see how each child executes the brief. We have done colour, action, portraiture, story lines – and much more to come! Before I turn them loose with their creativity, I show some famous images to help point them in the right direction and refine their eye. Last week, I showed three famous photographers work: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Paul Strand and Arnold Newman. I asked the children to choose their favourite photographer/image and replicate it out on the school grounds. WOW – is all I have to say….some beautiful images were turned in, and I am so proud of their understanding! The first image below is Paul Strand’s “Porch View,” and the image above is one of my student’s interpretations.

childrens photography workshops