Children’s Easter Photography Course


Easter was busy- full of shoots, private tutoring sessions and a snowy photography course! I could not believe the weather forecast on the morning of the course – but it was true, it did snow and it gave a lovely snowy backdrop to many of the kids shots. We started inside, taking apart the cameras, learning how all the mechanics make the final image on their screen. Once their ISO’s, apertures and shutter speeds were in place – we went out to capture a couple snow flakes! Learning how to photograph motion was a big hit, as everyone had a partner who was responsible for running from left to right in front of the other’s camera. I had assigned the students to take a crisp photograph of their partner running along with a blurred photograph, using the shutter speed knowledge we had discussed earlier in the classroom. The children’s laughter was great, and I loved their excitement as they viewed the images afterwards. They all were so encouraging with one another, and their vivid interest in all aspects of photography provided a fantastic atmosphere.





This is a wonderful photography by Eddie, who was really into using his depth of field to his advantage. The detail of the railing that he was able to capture is fantastic, and with the graves behind cast in a yellow light, give the photo a slightly eerie feeling.



Frank has taken a simple scene and made it into quite a graphic image, with all the different lines working across and down the photograph. We talked in detail about using the rule of thirds in photographs, and Frank has done a wonderful job with the composition in this shot.


Lily was really into capturing close ups of various flowers, so we spoke about working on really crisp close ups, maximising the colour of the flowers and any other interesting details on the flowers. This is a great example of sharp focus, the water droplets look like little pearls. Excellent job Lily!


Sophie loved photographing the woods, and trees – and this image is a wonderful depiction of how I imagine the “classic” forest to appear. The subdued lighting, and long tree stalks make the picture appear almost magical. It is a great landscape photograph Sophie, and I think you should keep heading in this direction, well done!

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