Children’s Photographer in Guildford area, Surrey, UK

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Working as children photographers, I concentrate on how to get your child’s best smile or lovely laugh when I am taking their photograph.

Depending on where we are in Surrey or London, I will ask your child to run, jump, twirl or even tell me their favourite joke in order to get them to relax and forget about the camera. I have heard some excellent jokes as well! Capturing your child running through the Surrey Hills, or twirling around Regents Park allows them to have fun, and for you to have that smile on your wall forever.

One of my favourite tricks is to play a bit of chase or hide and seek, as I love to photograph children as they are chasing me or get their cute grins as the pop out to say “Boo” during a game of hide and seek.

As a professional children’s photographer, working with kids is great fun for me and in the end after all the chasing, jumping, and twirling, I think it is for them as well!