Anna, Andrew and Rachel


How gorgeous is little Anna?! Her blue eyes just hypnotised me, and her little smile is adorable. The shoot was a Mother’s day present for Rachel, and I enjoyed capturing some lovely giggles and smiles of the family together one morning. The shoot took place in their house, using the fantastic natural light from the front window. Anna was quite happy to sit in her bumbo for me, smiling away at all 3 of us behind the lens. She was great throughout several outfit changes, one being into dress that Rachel wore as a little girl, which was beautiful and a pleasure to capture Anna in too! Towards the end of the shoot, Anna relaxed on a lovely wool blanket, and followed me around the room with her eyes as I photographed her. At one point I ducked behind Anna to photograph her from a different angle, and she turned her head to look at me, which produced one of my favourite images from the day. Happy Mother’s day to you Rachel, you have such a sweet family.

IMG_3995 IMG_4069 IMG_4078 IMG_4119 IMG_4130 IMG_4172 IMG_4274 IMG_4457



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