Anila and her lovely family


I photographed this great family on a sunny day in July, when it was warm enough for the girls to get the hosepipe going, get drenched and dry off again in minutes. We spent a lot of time outdoors playing with bubbles and bouncing on the trampoline. Anila loved the bubbles, and I enjoyed photographing her having so much fun. Her sisters Ruby and Lauren enjoyed sloshing the bubbles around too and as a result many of the bubbles ended up on their faces, as well as my lens! Anila also loves the piano, so I asked Ruby if she could play some tunes for us, so I could photograph them together. My favourite part of the afternoon was when Rosie turned up the music and the girls danced, danced, danced! It was wonderful to photograph them laughing and enjoying their time together. I was so pleased when Netbuddy charity got in touch to photograph Anila and her family. They are creating an art exhibition showcasing photographs of people with special needs and their families, and I was so excited to contribute.

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