Beginner Online Photography Course 1 – The Fundamentals

 Our online photography course for beginners is a great opportunity to build camera confidence, challenge creativity, and develop skill. 

Course Key Points

  • Lifetime Access
  • 8 weekly Photography tuition lesson modules
  • Video tutorials by Lillie
  • Downloadable tutorial worksheets
  • Easily identifiable subject tutorials for quick future reference
  • Interactive tasks for each module.
  • Loads of extra resources & ‘how to’
  • Quizzes following each module
  • Final certification on completion
  • Closed Facebook discussion group – photography sharing and critique
  • Email & Telephone support


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Mastering the art of photography

Designed with creative students in mind, this course is ideal for a beginner photographer looking to really hone their skill and capability. Perhaps you’re interested in a change of profession or would simply just like to take better holiday snaps? Whatever your reason, this is a perfect place to start.

Our online photography course for beginners provides an opportunity to develop your own artistic style through a series of activities and workshops. A million miles away from selfies and social media, the course is designed to accommodate an individual’s own creative goals enabling them to direct the content to suit their objectives.

Your teacher

I’m Lillian Spibey and I’m a professional photographer and experienced teacher. I am passionate about seeing student’s progress and have taught photography courses for the past 10 years as well as provided private tuition and bespoke events. I have been commissioned to teach at many leading venues including The Photographers Gallery, Kensington Palace, The Royal Museums at Greenwich and The Turner Contemporary Gallery amongest others.

What to expect

  • Proficiency in using a DSLR camera
  • Using filters and working in natural/artificial light
  • Exploring themes, e.g. wildlife, portraits, stories, etc.
  • Developing an appreciation of quality photography and entering competitions

  • "You come across so well on the online course. You have a lovely manner which is so easy to connect to. You have the ability to connect to everyone from the real camera buffs and enthusiasts, people who lack confidence like myself to the young people and children. That is a rare skill as so many are either techie and deadly boring " - Lesley
  • “Loved this webinar. Really helpful tips on how to improve my photography skills.”  - Isobel
  • “Thank you for providing your photography course online. You were so positive and encouraging!” –Samantha
  • "We bought our camera when our children were born so we could document their lives – but have only ever used the camera on its automatic setting. The camera course has given me the confidence to explore my camera and experiment with it on different settings. The take home information has also been brilliant to refer back to with lots of short cuts and top tips. I can’t wait to get out and use my camera more."
    C Instone


  • Creative individuals
  • Those that are new to photography or looking to build on existing knowledge
  • A great starting block to progress to a new career.
  • Those looking to develop a hobby or build a portfolio
  • Those who want to move beyond the selfie!


  • How a camera works – the basics
  • How to compose a great photo
  • Camera settings
  • Move off auto
  • Using zoom
  • Using flash
  • Contrast and tones
  • Depth of field
  • Composition techniques
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Storytelling
  • Black & white photography
  • Building camera confidence


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Course content detail

Welcome section

  • Welcome video from Lillie
  • Welcome booklet

Helpful Info Section – Loads of resources!

  • PDF -Transferring Photographs from your camera to your computer
  • PDF – How to join closed Facebook page
  • PDF – How to upload your photos to our Facebook Group
  • PDF – Which camera do I have?
  • DOC – Links to camera manuals
  • PDF – Glossary
  • DOC – How to sign up for the Webinars
  • DOC – Share your Images!

Lesson 1. Intro to your camera

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

In this lesson you will learn how your camera takes a photograph through focus, aperture and shutter. The basic camera controls and an overview of the different  pre-programmed scene settings.

Lesson 2. Optimise your ‘Focus & Zoom’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Here, we explore focus, how to use it on auto and how to select which area of the photo to focus on. We assess manual focus, its importance and how to take creative out of focus images. Lens zoom is explored,  how to use it and get the most out from it.

Lesson 3. Macro & Close up with the ‘Flower setting’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Flower setting uses aperture in the camera’s lens to blur the background. This week explores aperture, composition and the use of flash in macro photography.

Lesson 4. ‘Landscape setting’ for great vistas!

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

This lesson further explores aperture, this time in landscape photography. We talk about different compositional elements like the rule of thirds, and we teach the students about light and how to use it in landscapes.

Lesson 5. Great Action shots with the ‘Sports setting’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

In this lesson we will be moving fast! covering shutter speed, burst mode and other great ways to compose great action shots.

Lesson 6. ‘Portrait setting’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Here, we cover the portrait setting and discuss why its a great setting for photographing people. We also introduce you to different ways of creatively photographing portraits and people.

Lesson 7. Learn to use natural light with ‘No Flash’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

This week is all about the no flash setting. We go over how no flash setting works, where you can take photos using this setting, and we explore fun ways of taking creative shots.

Lesson 8. The secrets of ‘Night Portrait’

  • LESSON BOOKLET – downloadable
  • VIDEO – our students photos
  • QUIZ

Night portrait setting is great for taking different kind of portraits, and creative photos at night. We go through how this setting works, and give you examples and great tips on the types of shots you can try to create.

Congratulations and Next Steps

  • VIDEO: Awesome Job!
  • PDF: Summary of your course – downloadable
  • Congratulations & next steps
  • Before you go…

Any Questions?

  • Contact us


Absolutely not, we welcome all camera models and types. We use Nikon & Canon DSLR cameras on the course itself, but provide links to all camera manuals in the course material.

We have created a closed facebook group open to our online photography course members. We encourage our students to post their photos every week so we can offer feedback on their images, answer any questions they may have and help them progress with their image taking.

There is a video, course information packet, quiz and print out booklet for every course module. Our course is packed with photography tips and tricks!

Hurrah, well done! You will receive a certificate of completion and will have a wonderful portfolio of work to show off to friends and family.

Moving on from our beginners course which focuses on auto and scene settings, our intermediate online photography course explores semi manual modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority and program mode. Students can expect to improve camera control, boost confidence both creatively and technically, explore different types of photography and begin to establish their own unique style of work.

The Intermediate online photography course is aimed at beginner photographers with some experience of photography, so the beginners course is a great foundation if you feel you are quite new to the skill. It is not a requirement, but definitely a great place to start.

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Any questions not covered here? Contact us.