The tale of our tree

It was a lovely morning to amble down the forest paths that led us to our tree.

The children waded through the high heather, pushed aside the brush, all to find that perfect tree, one for them to see

Some were too big, others were too small

but my eldest loved the tree most who was the crookedest of all!

“It’s that one, there – that hangs sideways, yes that is the one,” she shouts

As my husband walks over to cut it down, my son pouts

that his batman-like tree does not make the cut.

Hauling it back to the car was a bit of a journey but

my son was able to help, which made him quite jolly

as his sister caught her hair on a bunch of holly.

The tree is now up and the jewel of our front room

as we wait for Christmas to arrive very soon!

*pardon my poetry and for the record we were not Christmas tree rustling!

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