Tess and Alex


These two gorgeous kids really know how to smile, even baby Alex got a bit giggly thanks to Tess’s infectious laughter. We had such a good time taking photographs for their father’s birthday, which was a super secret at the time. We started off in Tess’s room, where being the proper hostess that she is, Tess made me tea and introduced me to her collection of tractors. The tractors seemed to enjoy being in the pictures as much as Tess, so we went with it and the roars of laughter too! Tess was quite keen to get her little brother Alex in on the photos, so we moved to the bed, where there was some extravagant jumps, and cute cuddles. Alex has a lovely little smile, and it really shone when his mother tickled him. There was a quiet moment between the two where they had just had a cuddle, turned to each other and then finally to me and click, the moment was caught. It was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of the shoot, and I think they did too! And now the afternoon is on the wall for their mum and dad to enjoy as well.

IMG_2188bw IMG_2207bw IMG_2247bw IMG_2322bw IMG_2296bw IMG_2340bw IMG_2414bw IMG_2461bw


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