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Happy Birthday to Grandma!


I photographed this lovely extended family together for their mother’s/grandmother’s birthday. Although it was a cold april afternoon, everyone was happy, and the children were exuberant to be together! We first worked on several shots of the kids together in …

Anna, Andrew and Rachel


How gorgeous is little Anna?! Her blue eyes just hypnotised me, and her little smile is adorable. The shoot was a Mother’s day present for Rachel, and I enjoyed capturing some lovely giggles and smiles of the family together one …

Tess and Alex


These two gorgeous kids really know how to smile, even baby Alex got a bit giggly thanks to Tess’s infectious laughter. We had such a good time taking photographs for their father’s birthday, which was a super secret at the …

Seb, Katharine, Sienna and Matt


hat a fabulous family to start the year! We began at their home, which was great as the children were able to show me their favourite new toys from Father Christmas. Sienna was a wonderful story teller, she took …

Torqy, Sebbie and Miles {Surrey Family Portrait Photographer}

These three cuties were an absolute delight to photograph. I took these photographs as a Christmas present for their family members. Each child contributed beautifully to the shoot. Torqy did some ballet, Sebbie ran around like mr.cool in his leather …