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I have really enjoyed teaching three photography courses in Surrey this year, one in January, and two in February due to high interest! All my pupils have brought different ideas and skills to the table, and it’s been great working with all of them to improve their camera mechanics and photographic eye. I teach the courses in Shere village near Guildford, which provides many scenic options for my students to produce lovely images.  We start off discussing camera mechanics, and I apply the information to each pupil’s camera making sure they understand their own camera’s settings to use it confidently. I also show slides of famous photographers work, which often provokes a discussion about why the class feels the image works, or perhaps doesn’t. As soon as I see the flicker of inspiration in each students eye, we head outdoors. We practice working with depth of field in the St. James churchyard, and then walk over to the Tillingbourne river to practice using shutter speed. This usually involves me or a member of class throwing a couple rocks into the water so everyone can use a high shutter speed to capture the rock splashing into the water. We then use slow shutter speed to give the water a foamy, white look- a different view to how our eyes show the water. All in all, it’s a great half day – the students all leave shooting on semi-manual and manual settings and most importantly, full of motivation and inspiration!

The dates of my next set of photography courses are:

Saturday, April 26th, 2-6pm

Saturday, May 17th, 2-6pm

Saturday, June 21st, 2-6pm

More information can be found here: or phone me 07969 466 572, or email

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