Mark, Kerry, William, Olivia and Teddie

family photograph

This was my last family shoot of the year, and it was a wonderful way to finish my 2013 family portraits. I photographed this lovely family in the afternoon, to utilise the best of the golden fall light in their family portraits. First we met at their house and I photographed everyone at home, in a relaxed family setting. We then went out their back doors into the countryside for some more photographs and fun. The three dogs escorted us, and seemed to enjoy the fall afternoon as much as we did! The boys are heavily into rugby, so they did some running and passing for me which allowed them to relax and have fun. Teddie running from William with shere delight all over his face is one of my favourite shots. The ball playing/tackling also got their cheeks nice a rosy for their portraits. Olivia played with their new lab puppy who was insistent on chewing absolutely everything!! At one point the little pup was dragging a stick about four times the size of him across the field, which was hilarious and made the family giggle throughout their family shots. The kids climbed some hay bales and had a couple races – which was great fun, and created relaxed portraits of them together.  Olivia climbed up and sat on part of a fence, and I happened to be following her with my lens, waiting for her to look up. I was able to capture her as she glanced up, photographing her face relaxed with a slight smile which is another one of my favourites. For Mark and Kerry’s portraits, I really wanted to include the gorgeous fall light and countryside behind them – which we did, and has really enriched their photograph together.  childrens photographs family photographs childrens  photographs fun family photographs winter photographs fall portraits

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