Hip Hip for Half Term Photography Classes

IMG_1868ISO’s, apertures and shutter speeds, sprinkle in some lighting tips, add a dash of composition and voila – my half term photography class for children is ready. Ok, there is a bit more to it than that, but those are the fundamental elements of the class.

Next week, we will be going over how the camera actually makes the photograph by taking one my cameras apart. As it is put back together the children will learn how each part of the camera attributes to their final photograph. I find teaching in a visual and tangible style keeps the young creative interested and motivated to get to the end of the lesson: the rebuilt camera!

There will be plenty of fresh air, as we will then tackle taking photographs of landscapes, our own made up sporting events, and portraits of one another. This is where the children will be able to apply their knowledge from our camera puzzle to their own cameras, with me alongside to assist.

Digital cameras create a fantastic platform for learning as the results are immediate, and we can visually build upon each part of the lesson together. It’s great for the children to look back on, because they will be able see their progress from the start.

So if you see a group mini-paparazzi in town next week, don’t fret it’s just us! Photos to follow after next week’s lesson. The streets are safe until then!

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