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Photography for Kids: How to Take Great Pictures


Childrens photography course

It’s become a lot more accessible over the years and is the kind of hobby that kids of all ages just love. Photographs can be taken anywhere, anytime with a smartphone or a proper camera. The images appear instantaneously …

How Photography Permeates Everyday Life

Look around your local high street nowadays and the chances are you’ll see someone taking a photograph. Just fifteen or twenty years ago, taking pictures was a hobby and an expensive one at that. Nowadays we carry our own personal …

Photography Holiday in Italy? My Top Tips for Success

When it comes to picking photography holidays, Italy is an excellent location for snappers of all ages. Just a few hours away by plane, you’ll find everything you need to improve your camera skills and make that holiday a success. …

Lillies Photography course in Italy


Photography holiday in italy

View over Val d’Chiana

Who’s ready for truffle crostini accompanied by a glass of the sublime Cortonese Syrah wine whilst watching the sun slowly set over the far reaching views of the Val di chiani and the green rolling …