Archie and Billy

guildford photographer

I really enjoy photographing children having fun together, and when you photograph two active brothers together like Billy and Archie – my afternoon was made! Dodging behind trees, being chased through the woods, and playing hide and seek around the brush – these two kept me busy and on my toes. I really wanted to translate the boys active nature into photographs, so we made the most of the outdoors.  I loved jumping out with my camera as they would dash past me- catching them in mid giggle together. Archie was quite keen on making a rope swing, and his look of complete concentration whilst tying the bits and bobs of rope together was great. Billy loved throwing his cars down the slide, so I would sneak up to the top of the slide, peaking over to edge to catch him right in the middle of a throw – which gave me a great action shot along with Billy in a full grin. The boy’s aunt was with us for the shoot, and I was able to capture Archie chasing her around the playground, both with great grins on their faces.

I photographed the boys under the trees at Newlands Corner, which allowed us to stay out of the rain, and provided gorgeous diffused natural light – which is ideal for a great shoot. The childrens photographs were a surprise Christmas present for their dad, and the boys kept it quiet so the frame was a great surprise on Christmas Day!

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