Jack, Willow, Louise & Bob


I love photographing families together having fun. I met this sweet family in their backyard for their portrait session, using the fantastic morning light. Willow and Jack showed me their favourite places, from the goldfish pond to their nifty swing set. They climbed trees and fences, played hide and seek, ran up and down the garden, and phew – even played on the swings! They climbed onto one of the fences in the middle of the shoot, which delighted them both, along with me as it provided some sweet shots of them together. Whilst Willow was playing in the garden, and the wind caught her hair and she happened to look up into the wind, providing a lovely shot with her blonde hair cascading in the background. We finished with a family shot in their doorway, which is one of my favourites from the shoot, as they are all smiling and relaxing in their home, together.

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