Happy Birthday to Grandma!


I photographed this lovely extended family together for their mother’s/grandmother’s birthday. Although it was a cold april afternoon, everyone was happy, and the children were exuberant to be together! We first worked on several shots of the kids together in different locations, the first with the tree, and the second in the wagon. I was able to capture several shots of each boy along the way; I photographed Rolf hiding behind a tree, Jesper aka “Superman” on his swing, Ludo was loving the sticks, Ossie pushing the wagon, and beautiful sleeping Roscoe who looked ever so angelic snuggled up in the wagon. I then photographed each family together, and even Noodle the dog was involved, which was great! We then finished up with a photograph of all 9 together, 10 including Noodle! It was a great afternoon, all captured for their mother/grandmother to enjoy for years to come.

IMG_5545bw IMG_5615bw IMG_5787bw IMG_5611bw IMG_5421bw IMG_5694bw IMG_5653bw IMG_5687bw IMG_5735bw

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