Adult Digital Camera Courses


For the adult digital camera courses, the student will gain a fundamental photography knowledge coupled with the practical skills of digital photography, which will enable them to improve the quality of their digital images.

Digital Camera Mechanics Course

It is likely that you are currently shooting in auto button mode and have an ambition to become more accomplished photographer. This is a first-step course, which provides you with the initial training to help achieve your photographic aspiration.

  • Understanding exposure and metering modes
  • Operating the camera in manual, along with semi-manual settings
  • Image Quality (ISO & File formats)
  • Focusing & metering modes
  • White Balance
  • Basic Composition, looking at famous work and understanding why they are considered good images
  • Understand which lens to use in different situations, and ensure your images are sharply focused
  • Be able to take well exposed images
  • Take more interesting images by using methods such as controlling depth of field, freezing/blurring movement, composition methods etc.

Intermediate Digital Camera Course

Have you taken a digital camera course before, learned about your camera and would like to progress to the next level? If so, this course is for you.

  • Brief overview of camera mechanics, to dust off your f-stops, iso’s and shutter speeds.
  • Manual Exposure
  • Over and under exposure, when and how to use it.
  • High and low ISO
  • Motion – good blur and bad blur
  • Aperture and Shutter’s in-depth relationship
  • Learn to how to better compose your photographs in camera rather than on screen
  • Natural Light – how to capture it in your landscapes and use it to complement your portraiture
  • Introduction to Flash photography
  • Gear- what’s good, what’s fun and what’s not.
  • Introduction to Lightroom and tips for processing

The course material is presented in both a written and visual form, I will show you photographs to help you understand the techniques and also show you how to do it directly on your own camera.

A digital camera, preferably a camera with manual settings is preferred. Classes are limited to 6 people to make sure everyone has a good understanding of their own camera at the end of the session.

This course is part classroom-based tutorials, practical demonstrations and hands on practice. You will be taken outside into the Surrey hills and on return will review the images.

Class dates:
Digital Camera Course

  • Gift Voucher for a course in 2017
  • March 25th, 10-2pm
  • April 22nd, 10-2pm
  • May 20th, 10-2pm
  • September 9th, 10-2pm
  • November 25th, 10-2pm

Intermediate Digital Camera Course

  • October 14th, 10-2pm


The fee is £70 pounds per class, and payment is due upon booking. Tea and coffee is included, along with a course booklet for you to keep and review. The courses will take place at Treacle Gallery in Shere. I am always happy to field questions afterwards via email, and please feel free to share your new images as well.

You can book with paypal below or contact me to book and pay via BT or cheque or for more information.

It was such fun to meet you and have my lesson today.  I loved the no-nonsense and ‘let’s make it easy’ approach. So many professional photographers almost seem to rejoice in mystifying their art and while I’m sure there are loads of things that are very much beyond a jobbing photographer like me, it was just great to have so many of the basic things explained in clear terms and with patience and lots of memory aids. Just to sort out what buttons do what was fantastic. You are a very good teacher.
A. Phillips, local head teacher

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