A lovely afternoon in the sun


I spent a wonderful afternoon with Kimberly, A.J., Ella, Virginia, Grace and Jackson. We went for a walk on the downs and we later took some lovely portraits in the Guildford Castle gardens. The children loved showing me their favourite hiding places on our walk in the downs, there was a great tree that had some long branches for them to bounce on, providing some sweet smiles. I got the kids to run for me along the top of the hill, which they enjoyed and allowed me to get some fun photographs of all of them in action. After an hour out shooting relaxed photographs of everyone on the downs, we headed to the colourful gardens at Guildford castle. The tulips were out, and I used them as much as possible to provide some bursts of colours to the family portraits. Thank you all for a wonderful afternoon!

IMG_8281 IMG_8313 IMG_8349 IMG_8362 IMG_8378 IMG_8385 IMG_8402 IMG_8535

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